Car Hauling Trailers for 5-8 Vehicles

Now we are stepping up to being a “real” car hauler. In car hauling there is a tendency for big rig drivers to look down on the normal truck drivers pulling smaller loads.

These trailers now begin to demand larger trucks and, in many cases, real semi’s as opposed to RAMs and Fords.

5-6 Car Trailers

This is about as large as one can pull with a conventional pickup truck and not a Class 8 rig. One of these trailers, loaded with 6 cars, is going to tax most pickups as they aren’t particularly well-suited to pulling 60,000 lbs or more. Mindfulness of weight will be incredibly important in choosing a truck to match these trailers.

Some of the trailers here are goose-neck and others are fifth-wheel. The goose-neck provide some flexibility but are quite a bit less stable than the others. Be mindful of loading goose-neck trailers carefully to prevent a tip-over.

Also, in the 5-car variety we find both the tilt and the double deck variety (Wally-Mo, for example, makes both).

7-8 Car Trailers

The field of manufacturers starts dropping off real quick on these larger trailers. First, they all require Class 8 rigs to pull them so there is a bigger commitment on equipment.

An advantage of these types of trailers, compared to the stinger 9/10 car configurations, is that the semi can be used for other purposes. Most rigs with the fifth-wheel over the rear axle can pull these trailers.

Wally-Mo makes several different models of 7 and 8 car trailers.

Cottrell also has several different models of 7-8 car trailers. Cottrell is the de-facto standard for car hauling trailers and is the company all others are compared against.

How many cars do you want to move?

When looking to start a car moving company you have to consider your budget. If you are looking at moving between 5 and 8 vehicles, it comes down to the truck. You can buy a brand-new RAM 5500 Chassis Cab for the price of a good used Peterbilt. Would you rather maximize your profits by going bigger and losing the “normal” truck? There are trade-offs to consider. Visit our blog “What truck should I get?” to learn more about the considerations. Once you have decided on the truck, we suggest you get the most capacity you can afford in a trailer.