Car Hauling Trailers for 9+ cars

“You’re playing with the big boys now… “

These setups can be seen heading down the freeways and are always impressive. While they have the most expensive start-up costs they also have the most potential for profit.

The three main companies in this space are Lohr, Cottrell, and Wally-Mo.

Cottrell - The "Man" of the Industry

Cottrell is the #1 trailer manufacturer in the country for large car hauling trailers. They manufacture their trailers out of Gainesville, GA. If you visit forums for car haulers online you will see most of the drivers saying “why go with anything other than Cottrell?”

If you are driving for Jack Cooper or United Road you will likely be using a Cottrell trailer, particularly their bigger stinger models.

Lohr - The Disruptor

Lohr is a European-company manufacturing trailers in North America and Europe. It originally entered the US market through the Delavan company (which it acquired in 1998). Many in the US market just think they are Delavan under a new name but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lohr brings intelligent Euro-designs to car hauling trailers. When you get a walkthrough of a Lohr trailer you can see how the approach is quite different than Cottrell. For example, Lohr builds their trailers to be entirely modular. If a component is damaged it can be unbolted and replaced without cutting welds. A well-financed carrier could have spare parts on hand in their own shop to speed repairs. Their electrical is accessible easily further facilitating swaps and repairs. In addition, they feature galvanized steels throughout so finding rust is challenging on their trailers.

Wally-Mo - Punching above their Weight

Wally-Mo trailers can be found on all of the interstates in the US. A smaller manufacturer, they have built a solid reputation amongst car haulers.