Lohr North America’s Trailblazing Transformation of Vehicle Transportation

In the realm of modern transportation, innovation is the compass guiding industries toward greater efficiency, sustainability, and progress. Lohr North America, a subsidiary of the renowned LOHR Group, has emerged as a true pioneer in this domain, introducing revolutionary advancements in car carrier technology. With its cutting-edge car carrier solutions, Lohr North America is not only transforming the way vehicles are transported but also setting new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability in the automotive logistics industry.

In early 2023, we were fortunate enough to visit and tour Lohr North America’s facility in Lincoln, AL and were thoroughly impressed by their manufacturing process.

During our visit we learned about a lot of things that separate Lohr from the competition. They use galvanized steel throughout their trailers. This virtually eliminates rust from forming. They also use a highly modular system for components and build parts. If a deck gets damaged it can be swapped out easily. Instead of needing to do a lot of welding, parts can be exchanged. This system would minimize the time the trailer is off the road being repaired. Let’s go through the history of Lohr, and explore what this amazing company has to offer!

The Lohr Legacy

With a rich history dating back to 1963, LOHR Group has a remarkable legacy of innovation in the world of transportation. Founder Robert Lohr’s visionary car carrier concept redefined the transportation of vehicles and sparked a series of advancements that continue to shape the industry today. Building upon this legacy, Lohr North America has positioned itself as a leading force in reimagining vehicle transportation across North America.

The Challenge of Vehicle Logistics

The transportation of vehicles, both new and used, presents unique challenges that require specialized solutions. Traditional methods of moving vehicles can be resource-intensive, time-consuming, and environmentally taxing. As the automotive industry continues to thrive, the need for an efficient, secure, and sustainable vehicle logistics system becomes increasingly urgent. Lohr recognized this challenge and rose to the occasion by designing and introducing its groundbreaking car carrier solutions, along with optimized load configurations.

Innovating with Car Carriers

At the heart of Lohr North America’s contribution to the industry lies its state-of-the-art car carrier technology. Lohr car carriers boast several notable features and competitive advantages.

Unlike traditional car carriers that rely on ramps for loading and unloading, Lohr’s trailers feature a hydraulic lift system which minimizes the risk of damage. This system utilizes vertical stacking, which allows multiple vehicles to be transported in a single unit. This approach optimizes space and increases transport capacity, reducing the need for excessive trips and minimizing emissions. 

Lohr’s G20 Series Top Loader is an excellent option, ideal for OEM loads, while the G20 Series Bottom Loader is perfect for POV loads with multiple drop points. Lohr’s G20 Series TLT is capable of loading 7- 4WD Crew Cab Trucks. 

Lohr’s galvanization process serves to obstruct the access of corrosive substances to underlying components. This feature will diminish the need for frequent maintenance procedures, while enhancing the overall longevity of the unit.

The utilization of modular speed ratchets allows the operator to swiftly secure vehicles, prioritizing both operator and load safety during the tie-down process.

Lohr’s modular drop pockets allow for a lower position of  the vehicle, decreasing the height of the loaded unit. These pockets can be adjusted to accommodate various vehicle sizes, ensuring the best possible height reduction.

Driving into the Future of Efficiency and Sustainability

Lohr North America’s car carriers aren’t just about convenience; they are a reflection of the company’s commitment to sustainability. One of the most pressing challenges facing the automotive industry is its environmental impact. Vehicle transportation contributes significantly to carbon emissions and energy consumption. Lohr’s addresses these concerns head-on by offering a more eco-friendly solution. By utilizing rail transport and optimizing trailer loading, the company reduces fuel consumption and emissions compared to traditional transportation methods.

Looking forward, Lohr’s innovations will continue to shape the future of vehicle transportation worldwide. As the automotive industry continues to expand globally, the demand for efficient and environmentally conscious transportation solutions will only increase. Lohr is setting a standard for how vehicle transportation should be, while encouraging other companies in the industry to explore similar innovations.

Lohr Group’s journey from a European pioneer to a North American innovation leader showcases the power of ingenuity and determination in revolutionizing an industry. By reimagining how cars are transported, Lohr has not only improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact but also elevated the standards of the entire automotive transportation industry. As the world moves toward a more sustainable future, Lohr continues to offer a wide variety of excellent auto transportation options.

For additional information please visit Lohrs Website or contact Sales Representative Trey Carter at (205) 814-7575.

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